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Ask not how dinosaurs became extinct, ask how they existed (in the first place):


'What is this?'

A New Spin  (cont'd)

11. What is there left to do?

Carl Sagan, the celebrated late astronomer, teacher and writer used to recount a story from his childhood growing up in Manhattan. When looking up and seeing the night stars (it must have been still possible to see the stars in Manhattan nights at that time) he kept on wondering about them. stars Asking his 'know it all' adult neighbors 'what are the stars?' he would get the patronizing response: 'kid' -- they would say in a deep authoritative voice of adults -- 'the stars are just there!' Luckily for us, the kid didn't quite buy this 'scientific explanation' and the rest is history.

It left for you to explain to me how animals, weighing some 20 times more than the maximum limit for survival on land, walked on the earth and how a predator, double the size of a full grown African-Elephant, got its prey; and please, don't tell me they just did and their time has passed.

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"Bones?? What bones?"
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  • 1.   The bigger they are ...
  • 2.   Is there a limit to growth?
  • 3.   Not convinced yet?  What does rate have to do with it?
  • 4.   Why aren't any such big animals alive today?
  • 5.   What, then, made it possible for them to take their place in the earth's history?
  • 6.   But aren't weight and size one and the same?
  • 7.   Are we talking change in gravity, then?
  • 8.   What is centrifugal force and how could it affect the weight?
  • 9.   What is it that made earth's spin to slow down?
  • 10. Where is the proof?
  • 11. What is there left to do?
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